We are launching
in October 2018.

Let's create safer products together.

The development team at adamsfour. is an industry B2B-Partner that focuses on implementing new safety approaches into existing sports safety products. 

Adding our RSP-System (Rotational Spine Protection System) to a back protector can significantly increase its efficiency.

If you are interested in adding our RSP-System please do not hesitate to contact us: 


What is needed to become a licence partner:


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"To understand human biomechnical limitations – it is crucial to collect sensoric data. By combining generative design and rapid prototyping, we can implement revolutionary approaches into existing sports safety equipment."

 —  Prof. PhD Dietmar Rafolt / Partner.


adamsfour. is an authorized Autodesk partner focused on generative design.

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We are also an awarded partner of the "Wear Sustain Network".


Development Partners.

Scientific evaluation of protective systems plays an important role in safety equipment. We are developing new test methods and facilities in order to simulate realistic impact scenarios.

Our founders are members of the Austrian Standards committee 052 (protecitve gear) and members of the European DIN committee.