Tested under real Conditions.

Each sport has specific requirements and that's why we selected a team from a variety of extreme sports. 

In order to figure out exactly what happens during a ride, implemented sensors gather and collect important information from our team riders which is later processed by our development team.

The cycle of data collection and product revision is repeated to generate future improvements and iterations. 



From Riders. For Riders.

Our Team Riders.

Our team riders test prototypes in real conditions which provides information about natural movements and - in the worst of cases - accidents and injuries.

Photographer:  Lisa-Marie Reiter

Lisa-Marie Reiter

Red Bull Crashed Ice


Marco always skates to win. But above all, the 2014 Ice Cross Downhill World Champion is in the sport because he loves it. His passion has made him one of the most progressive and influential riders on the tour, raising the bar for competitors and growing the fan base worldwide.

Photographer: Peter Hujber

Peter Hujber

Freestyle Motocross


Philipp always dreamed of throwing big airs. In 2011 he began following his passion and built his own course where he can be found riding as much as possible. He has participated in various national and international FMX-Shows where he is representing the Banana Crew.

Photographer: Patrick Lurger-Jaritz

Patrick Lurger-Jaritz



Dominik is always looking for steep and fast trails. When he was riding his bike in Whistler a few years back, he found his paradise. That's why he recently moved to Canada, living his dream and enjoying every single ride.


Photographer: Sebastian Wahlhütter

Sebastian Wahlhütter

Unicycle Downhill


When one day a unicycle stood as a giveaway in the garden, Gerald had no idea what was possible on only one wheel. Years later he is regarded as one of the worlds best downhill unicyclists, pushing the sport to the next level.



Generative Design.

Future of Product Development.

Our iterative design process makes it possible to test prototypes at an early stage of development. For this reason we equip our prototypes with sensors and electronics to collect data.


Machine Learning.

Algorithmic Optimization.

Software algorithms allow prototypes to be optimized for material resilience and weight minimization and hence create unexpected designs. We are in close contact with Autodesk and are currently using a state-of-the-art software - Generative Design. Newly acquired data from our test riders can be looped back into the design process so that the protector can redesign itself.