The worlds first passive
Rotational Spine Protection (RSP) System.

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Animation: RSP-System, Model Autumn 2018


The development team at adamsfour. is an industry B2B-Technology Partner that focuses on implementing new safety approaches into existing sports safety products.


Whilst existing back protectors are designed to protect against direct impacts,
injuries caused by rotational forces are five times as frequent.


Medical Issue.

Prevent Over Rotation. 

Every year people suffer spinal injuries due to sports, traffic and working accidents. It is clinically verified, that the majority of spinal fractures, spinal cord injuries and paraplegia are caused by over rotation. 

Therefore, we invented the RSP-System.


How does it work?


Our RSP-System allows natural and controlled movements - but impedes rotations after a specific range to avoid rotational injuries.
If spinal rotation enters a critical range, the implimented X-straps begin to tighten and with the help of a specialized reversing mechanism found at the waist, rotational energy is redirected and absorbed to protect the user from potential injury. 


Next Level.

The Future of Back Protection.

adamsfour. is working hard to find new ways of revolutionizing back protection. Together with different European medical institutions, we accepted the challenge to avoid irreversible spinal cord injuries caused by over rotation.


Key Features & Materials.

The RSP-System for action sports and RSP+System for extrem sports provide different features for quicker reaction times and greater absorption.


Specialized Grommet.

Low friction and high strength grommets designed to allow for effortless adjustability and unmatched durability in all circumstances.


Quick Release System.

Designed as an‚ »on-off« switch. The quick release is used to tighten the RSP-System before use and allows for hassle free removal of the protector afterwards.


CSM Fabric.

Sandwiched nylon fibers distribute forces equally around the protector whilst rubber coating is added for maximum grip and resilience.
Special coated zones are added to remove friction around buckles and grommets.